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Remembering Our Furry Friends

As my Grandmother likes to tell the story, the most disappointed I was in my entire life was Christmas Day in 1999 when I realized that the dog I asked Santa for was not under the tree. I wasn’t happy with my parents at the time, but eventually I got over it and accepted that having a dog wasn’t in the cards for our family. Pets are a lot of work, messy and expensive.

Fast-forward nearly two decades later and I’ve made up for lost time and become a dog person. My apartment is too small to have a pooch of my own, but I have absolutely fallen in love with my sister and brother-in-law’s furry friend, Scout.

He’s friendly, athletic and an all-around great pal. I get to see him every Sunday at our family suppers and I’m always the first to volunteer when he needs someone to look after him when his owners are out of town!

Memorializing Your Pet

Before, when someone told me that losing a pet was like losing a member of their family, I didn’t really understand it. But today, I totally get it. Just the thought of never again seeing Scout’s constantly smiling face gets me emotional.

As a memorialist, I help families through the grief process by creating tributes in stone to tell their loved one’s story forever. Given my expertise and love for pets, I’ve made it a priority for Frontier Monuments to offer a range of memorial products for pets, including:

Cremation Urns

Memorial Jewelry

Markers and Plaques


Giving Back Because We Care

CC RezQ’s Regina is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming stray dogs found in rural communities. This great organization is where Scout came from, which is why Frontier is proud to support their cause by donating 10% of all pet memorial sales to support their efforts!


With such a vast array of options and our commitment to helping pet rescues, you can trust Frontier to help you memorialize your furry friend.

Just like a member of the family.


By: Adam Reeson

Regina, Saskatchewan


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